1.   Discharge Head
2.   Column Pipe Collar
3.   Column Pipe: Precisely machined column pipe insures proper alignment and ease of installation Available threaded or flanged
4.   Discharge Case: Close grain cast iron
5.   Grease Plug
6.   Discharge Case Bearing: Bronze
7.   Bowl Shaft: High-strength stainless steel with optional chrome-plating
8.   Top Bowl: Close grain cast iron
9.   Up-thrust Collar: Bronze. Protects pump and motor from any temporary up-thrust that may occur
10. Impeller: Lead-free Bronze. Balanced and machined for the highest efficiency.
Alternate materials available.
11. Bowl and Impeller Wear Rings (optional): Wear rings provide added protection against wear. Alternate materials available
12. Intermediate Bowl: Close grain cast iron.
Glass-lined waterway provides superior efficiency
13. Intermediate Bowl Bearing: Bronze or Neoprene rubber
14. Taper Lock: Steel collets lock the impeller in place
Stainless steel optional
15. Motor Bracket with screen
16. Sand Collar: Bronze. Prevents build-up of sand near the Suction Case bearing
17. Motor Bracket Bearing: Bronze
18. Motor Adapter: Close grain cast iron
19. Motor Shaft Coupling: Stainless Steel
20. Motor

Submersible Pump Manual