Simflo’s state of the art testing laboratory allows for precise measurement of the performance of new, existing, or rebuilt pumps.  Our facility has a tank capacity of 25,000 gallons, allowing for a stable water level for accurate testing.  A maximum sump depth of 80’ allows for testing of complete units.  Motors of up to 300 HP can be utilized for testing.  We have a test lines ranging from 8” to 3”, with a capacity range up to 6500 gallons per minute and a pressure range up to 600 PSI.  The latest electronic instrumentation incorporated into the facility to maximize the accuracy of the testing process.  Calibrated laboratory motors are used to power all tests, unless use of job motors for testing is specified by the customer.  Data is comprehensively analyzed utilizing custom computer spreadsheet program which incorporates all hydraulic, mechanical and electrical losses for the unit being tested.  All of this allows Simflo to assure its customers of a pump that will perform in the field as specified on paper.