nowIn 1941, Clarence Simmons opened a machine shop in the small West Texas town of Sundown. He provided machining services to the general public and for the booming oil and gas industry.  After the conclusion of World War II, he relocated his shop to Levelland, TX. Mr. Simmons began  to recognize the need for a quality repair facility for vertical turbine pumps to serve the ever-growing agricultural industry of the South Plains.

After another relocation to Lubbock, TX in the late 1940’s, Mr. Simmons directed the growth of his company toward the manufacturing of replacement pump parts for most major brands. In 1951, he incorporated his business as Simmons Machine and Tool, Inc. Four years later, in 1955, Mr. Simmons hired Raymond Pickering. Mr. Pickering was a visionary and entrepreneur who dreamt of transforming a small machine shop into a premier manufacturer. With continued growth and success Mr. Simmons and Mr. Pickering developed their own line of vertical turbine pumps. The first Simmons brand bowl assembly was manufactured and sold in 1956.

More than 70 years after Mr. Simmons opened his first machine shop Simflo Corporation now manufactures 89 different pump models, as well as countless replacement parts and accessories for most brands. The Simflo line of products is designed for all water services, with available modifications suitable for process industries such as chemicals, hydrocarbons, mining, salt water, et al. In addition, Simflo is also a major overhaul and remanufacturing facility for pumps of all makes.