Simflo offers many configurations of both Standard and Engineered products to suit your Agricultural, Municipal, and Industrial needs.  We have standard materials offerings focusing on agricultural applications, but we also offer specially engineered configurations, materials, coatings, and treatments to satisfy today’s advanced pumping needs.

Simflo keeps an extensive inventory on hand to fill orders in the timeliest manner possible and to satisfy any need for replacement parts.  Our Supply Department is stocked with impellers, bowls, oil tubes, various shafting, packing glands, seals, cast discharge heads, bronze and rubber bushings, and much more.

Our Machine Shop is outfitted with some of the latest technology for metalworking and machining of parts.  We employ highly skilled machinists, welders, painters, and other personnel to build the best products possible.

Line Shaft Turbines

We manufacture our pumps with only you in mind. Let us know what you are specifically looking for but we can help you select the right application for your needs.

Submersible Pumps

We carry a wide range of materials including cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel, NI-resist, NI-hard, bronze alloys (aluminum-bronze), stainless steels and heat treated aluminum.

Custom Applications

We have the capabilities to manufacture any size turbine for your specific needs. We have engineers that can design specific applications that will exceed your expectations.
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Bowl Performance
Submersible Pump Product Line
Bowl Performance
Custom Pump Product Line
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