Simmons-Pump-ESP-Pump-Curve-InformationSimmons Pump Selection Software

We are proud to offer you the capabilities to design your own pumping system electronically. We encourage all users to take advantage of this software and to consult with Simmons during your selection process. Learn More >>>

We manufacture our pumps with only you in mind. Let us know what you are specifically looking for but we can help you select the right application for your needs.
Materials including cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel, NI-resist, NI-hard, bronze alloys (including aluminum-bronze), stainless steels and heat treated aluminum.
We have the capabilities to manufacture any size turbine for your specific needs. We have engineers that can design specific applications that will exceed your expectations.

We Are Dedicated To Our Customers & Products


Simply put, pump innovation is in our blood, with more than fifty years of experience. Simmons Pump is hard at work building the best all American Made pumps on the market. We stand behind our product because we proudly build them ourselves in our facility in Lubbock Texas.

Simmons-Pump-ManufacturerSimmons Pump offers many configurations of both Standard and Engineered products to suit your Agricultural, Municipal, and Industrial needs.  We have standard materials offerings focusing on agricultural applications, but we also offer specially engineered configurations, materials, coatings, and treatments to satisfy today’s advanced pumping needs.

Simmons keeps an extensive inventory on hand to fill orders in the timeliest manner possible and to satisfy any need for replacement parts.  Our Supply Department is stocked with impellers, bowls, oil tubes, various shafting, packing glands, seals, cast discharge heads, bronze and rubber bushings, and much more.

Our Machine Shop is outfitted with some of the latest technology for metalworking and machining of parts.  We employ highly skilled machinists, welders, painters, and other personnel to build the best products possible.

When you invest in Simmons Pump you are going to own one of the finest products available in the pumping industry. We are a company that was built on the principals of quality.
In today’s world, technology is ever-changing. We keep pace with this change by investing annually in new equipment to maximize volume and efficiency.
Simmons’ engineers are some of the most knowledgeable and innovative in the pumping industry. It’s important to us that our customers not only receive the highest quality products, but that they also have access to the most experienced personnel when questions arise. Our engineering department is equipped with the latest software and resources to design and develop top-tier products for your application.
The fact that Simmons manufactures almost every single part that goes into our products makes us a rarity in this day of outsourcing jobs. Our founder believed that our products should be made stateside by American workers, and that belief holds true today. From the foundry to the customer, virtually every aspect of making a Simmons Pump is done in-house to keep the most stringent quality standards intact. Simmons Quality Assurance procedures were designed and developed by our own Engineers and Plant Supervisors, and are some of the most detailed in the industry. Simmons also boasts a complete testing facility that allows us to verify or improve our quality on a daily basis.